Wooden & Crome Handles for Chairs

Handle is one of the most important parts of a chair as it not only lends it a complete look but also makes it a relaxing haven. A chair without a handle can be extremely uncomfortable and is generally not recommended for use in a job that requires being seated for long durations of time.

An office chair should be ergonomically designed with a straight back, comfortable cushioned seats and nice handles so that the user does not feel any undue pressure or strain even while working for hours on end. The position of the hands plays a big role in maintaining a good posture, especially when the user is typing on a keyboard.

Raja Jaiswal Plastic Industries offers a range of wooden and chrome handles that are both aesthetically appealing as well as designed to fit most of the available models of chairs. The handles are made from top-grade wood and chrome and are available in variants of wood-chrome combination and wood only handles.

The handles are manufactured from superior quality material and finished with top-grade polish to ensure unmatched luster and long-life. The wood and chrome used in the manufacturing process are first made to go through a series of stern quality checks and are passed for production only if approved by our team of experts.

We offer a range of handle designs that are designed to fit most of the available chair designs. The colour can be modified as per the requirements of the client or according to the existing décor of the room.

Given below are a few of the available products in the wooden and chrome handles for chairs category. You can send us a query to know further details regarding any of our products and our representatives will be glad to assist you.
Wooden & Crome HandleRequest a QuoteRJ-359Wooden & Crome HandleRequest a QuoteRJ-351Wooden & Crome HandleRequest a QuoteRJ-361
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