Casters or the tiny set of wheels attached to a swivel frame is one of the most important parts of an office chair as it not only offers easy maneuverability but can also add that missing wow factor to an otherwise simple looking piece of furniture.

Raja Jaiswal has gone a step ahead of its competitors by not just putting casters to fixtures but literally reinventing the wheel. It all began when we started experimenting with the conventional design of the wheel and came up with several innovative designs that were not just appealing to the senses but were also a lot more useful in purpose.

Contrary to the traditional view, casters are no longer considered to be simply a set of wheels meant to facilitate the movement of objects, but have become imperative in adding a cool quotient to your office or home furniture.

We have a range of casters made from different types of material to suit specific requirements. The wheels are not only designed to look good but also offer trouble-free movement.

All our products are manufactured from superior quality material acquired from trusted suppliers. The material is thoroughly checked by our team of quality testing staff before being used so that the final product is guaranteed to offer top-performance for several years to come.
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