Ply Seat & Back

Wood is one of the most widely used materials when it comes to manufacturing furniture. You can see wooden furniture in offices, at home and in restaurants simply because furniture made of wood can increase the visual appeal of a place tremendously and is also extremely durable and long-lasting.

Raja Jaiswal Plastic Industries introduces a range of superior quality plywood seat and backs for office chairs. Available in various shapes and sizes, these ply seat and backs are made to fit most of the commonly available models of chairs.

Manufactured from top-grade wood, our ply seat and backs are extremely comfortable and ideal for use in office chairs, especially where the user requires extra comfort for working long hours. The backs are available in various models such as double ply high back, medium back and low back.

The ply used to manufacture these backs and seats is obtained from our trusted suppliers and further tested by our team of experts to ensure superior performance and top quality.

Raja Jasiwal’s ply seats and backs are available in various sizes and can further be customized according to the needs and requirements of the clients.

Given below is a list of our best selling ply seats and backs along with their product codes. You can send us a query to know more about any of these or our other range of products and we will be happy to assist you.
Ply Seat & BackRequest a QuoteRJ-671Ply Seat & BackRequest a QuoteRJ-672Ply Seat & BackRequest a QuoteRJ-673
Ply Seat & BackRequest a QuoteRJ-674Ply Seat & BackRequest a QuoteRJ-336Ply Seat & BackRequest a QuoteRJ-354
Ply Seat & BackRequest a QuoteRJ-332Ply Seat & BackRequest a QuoteRJ-313Ply Seat & BackRequest a QuoteRJ-325
Ply Seat & BackRequest a QuoteRJ-326Ply Seat & BackRequest a QuoteRJ-327Ply Seat & BackRequest a QuoteRJ-328
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