Perforated chairs are the in thing these days. You can see these types of chairs everywhere from the waiting room of an office to a lounge, for the simple reason that perforated chairs are not only comfortable to sit on but also add to the beauty of a place.

Perforated chairs are manufactured from superior quality metal that contains little perforations or holes in it for that meshed look. These perforations serve the twin purpose of allowing air to pass freely through the metal, which results in enhanced breathability and comfort, as well as lend a unique look to the chair.

The stiff back of the chair, although gives the impression of being uncomfortable, is extremely relaxed and provides much needed support to the vertebral column; all of which results in correct body posture and low stress levels even when seated for a long duration of time.

Raja Jaiswal perforates for chairs are manufactured from superior quality metal that is obtained from specialized vendors and passed through stern quality checks to ensure peak performance and durability. Special machines are used to make perforations in the metal while making sure that the sturdiness and durability is not compromised with.

The perforate is further finished with polish to provide it a unique, glossy look. The end product is extremely durable and retains its polish and shine for years to come.

Given below is a list of some of the available perforate designs. You can send us a query to know more about pricing and other details and our representative will be happy to assist you.
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