Tilting Mechanisms

A tilt back chair, where the back and the seat of the chair can be skewed backwards a bit, by applying a little pressure, with respect to the base of the chair, can be widely seen in offices and conference rooms owing to the extreme level of comfort and maneuverability that these chairs offer.

Until a few years back, the tilt back mechanism was controlled by a set of coil springs. However, with advancement in technology, the coils were replaced by a more modern mechanism that offered smoother and easy to control tilt. Thus, the better the mechanism, the more comfort and control offered by a chair.

With increase in work hours, it has become even more important for the people working in the office to have a comfortable chair. Such a luxurious chair would not only increase the productivity but would also add to the level of employee satisfaction. Raja Jaiswal Plastic Industries offers a range of tilting mechanisms that will add the missing edge to your office chair.

Our tilting mechanisms are designed to support a sufficient amount of weight while offering controlled tilt and easy movement. The locking function can keep the back in the straight or incline position as per your requirement.

All our tilting mechanisms are thoroughly tested by our team of experts to check durability and efficiency.

Listed below are few of the tilting mechanisms manufacture by us. Simply choose a product from the list below and send us a query if you want to know more about pricing or any other detail and our representative will be happy to assist you.
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